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The Mandela Project

The solution to a nation’s problems must come from within. Leadership is not synonymous with power. As we’ve seen too often, power often leads to corruption. Leaders, like Nelson Mandela, are naturally followed because their message resonates with an inner knowledge we all have about truth, justice, equality, and human dignity.

The Mandela Project - Just Like My Child Foundation

Just Like My Child Foundation’s “Mandela Project” is inspired by the thought that one individual can change a country, a continent, or the destiny of the planet, and what if, we had a hand in sowing those seeds of leadership? The JLMC Mandela Project is planting the seeds for leadership in Uganda – true leadership, so that solutions grow from within the country.

We are doing this through sponsored education programs for children whose futures look dim, but whose intelligence burns brightly. And through our Professional Development Fund, by sponsoring the continuing education of doctors, nurses, and professionals who have already shown themselves to be true leaders.

It costs less than $1,700 per year to send a child or health professional to one of the best schools in Uganda. In many cases, this cost includes tuition, room and board, uniforms, health care, nutrition supplementation, and transportation.

Funding for this program comes directly from Just Like My Child Foundation donors and sponsors. Sponsorship recipients agree to bring this knowledge back to their villages (if they are children), or to Bishop Asili Hospital (if they are health professionals) in the form of community service and staff education. By sowing individual seeds of leadership, our scholarship recipients are spreading the investment deep into their communities.

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