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Project Universal Education

Every human being should have the opportunity to make a better life for himself or herself. Unfortunately, too many children in the world today grow up without this chance, because they are denied their basic right to even attend primary school. A sustainable end to world poverty as we know it, as well as the path to peace and security, require that citizens in every country are empowered to make positive choices and provide for themselves and their families.

Project Universal Education in Africa - Just Like My Child Foundation

Did you know?

  • - More than 100 million children remain out of school.

  • - 46% of girls in the world’s poorest countries have no access to primary educationMore than 1 in 4 adults cannot read or write: 2/3 are women.

  • - Universal primary education would cost $10 billion a year – that's half what Americans spend on ice cream.

Young people who have completed primary education are less than half as likely to contract HIV as those missing an education. Universal primary education would prevent 700,000 cases of HIV each year – about 30% all new infections in this age group.

While a Public School Education program where children can attend school for free has been introduced in Uganda, there are still massive gaps in accessibility to schools, and MOST schools are in abhorrent, dangerous conditions.

Just Like My Child Foundation is working closely with communities that are ready to rise up and take their children’s education and safety into their own hands. Through a “co-investment” model that partners with entire communities, as well as our partners in the U.S., we will have six primary schools built or under construction by the end of 2010.

All of the schools are self-sustaining, meaning that the parents, teachers, and communities have learned the necessary skills to operate and manage the schools without further investment from outside of the country. Part of our covenant with the community requires that gender equity in all classrooms, meaning that as many girls as boys must be enrolled in the schools we sponsor.

As a result of “Project Universal Education” thousands of childrens will attend clean, bright, safe schools that they previously would never have been able to access.