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Project Justice

Imagine being brutally attacked by your husband. You are rushed to the hospital, on the verge of death. At the hospital, you are cared for, and when you are slightly stronger, you are sent back home to the perpetrator of the crime because the hospital workers are ignorant of the law and the police require a bribe to file a police report.

Or, imagine you are a 13-year-old girl, raped and impregnated by your assailant. Your family is so poor and ignorant of the law that they accept a cow from the family of the man as settlement for the deed. Case closed.

Project Justice - Just Like My Child Foundation

Incidents like these are what inspired Just Like My Child Foundation’s “Project Justice” – a comprehensive human rights education program conducted in partnership with FIDA, a Federation of Women Attorneys that is Promoting the Dignity & Human Rights of Women & Children Using Law as a Tool of Social Justice

Project Justice is a comprehensive training program for hospital staff, community members, and local legal authorities. As a result of this program, women and children will have access to health care professionals at the hospital who know what the law is, and how to enforce it. The community members will be empowered with knowledge of their rights so that they can approach the police and demand their rights without fear of bribery or corruption.

And Police Officers, Judiciaries and Politicians at the village level acknowledge the repercussions of a corrupt system and are trained on how to fairly and justly represent the community.

Where there is Justice, there is Hope.