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Project GRACE

Microenterprise has emerged as one of the most powerful ways to empower those living in poverty. Perhaps, no other development instrument has generated so much enthusiasm and promise in the recent past in impacting the lives of the poor. Through innovation, microenterprise provides microsavings, microcredit, microinsurance, payment and remittance facilities for the poor and disadvantaged population. This type of financial support helps expand their choices and mitigates potential risks of poverty and social exclusion.

Project GRACE - Just Like My Child Foundation

Together with Bishop Asili Hospital in rural Uganda, we have created Project GRACE. Project GRACE is a microenterprise program that provides a small loan (poultry or livestock) together with intensive training to healthy, self-motivated individuals with HIV to create a self-sustaining business that will support their families and send their children to school.

Participants are responsible for gathering material and building shelter for their animals, which are raised for food, trade and sale. They learn how to use their garden and livestock together in sustainable and environmentally healthy ways: Gardens help feed the animals, and animals provide natural fertilizer for the garden. At the end of the program, participants repay their loan by bringing a pair of their animal's offspring back to Bishop Asili, enabling Project GRACE to continue a cycle of empowering future participants with tools to achieve self-sustenance.

Project GRACE participants support each other and work together to succeed- They are role models for other members in their community. They encourage others to be tested for HIV at Bishop Asili, raising awareness and hope for others to overcome the virus. And working together, they move closer to eradicating a stigma widely held in Uganda towards individuals with HIV/AIDS.

$400 provides an entire family of 6 with a complete sustainable business.

Create an entrepreneur today by investing in our Project GRACE program.