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Deep Development

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Just Like My Child Foundation subscribes to a philosophy called "deep development" – focusing on one local area at a time, simultaneously addressing disease, inadequate education, (lack of) women's rights, poor infrastructure, and lack of economic development. 

It is our mission to empower women, children and therefore entire communities to reach their full potential by providing the infrastructure, support, and education that will enable sustainable, community-driven development.

We do this by working directly beside community leaders, building meaningful partnerships with local change agents and maintaining an immediate connection between our donors and the families they impact.

Our System  

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Our Results

See how many lives were transformed as a result of Paid for Life 2009:


Since 2006, Just Like My Child Foundation has partnered with Bishop Asili Hospital in Uganda, East Africa to serve over 600,000 people in more than 48 rural communities.

In a very short time, with support from our donors we've been able to achieve dramatic results:

Project GRACE: 
Guiding Resources and Creating Empowerment by providing microenterprise opportunities with livestock and training, families recovering from HIV have the tools to create and sustain their own small business. Participants repay the loan by giving back a pair of their livestock's offspring, thus enabling Project GRACE to continue empowering others over and over again.

Completing the Surgical Suite has drastically improved healthcare at Bishop Asili Hospital – attracting more fee-for-service patients and ensuring sustainability of the hospital in Uganda, East Africa.

Provide education for all by building 6 schools by the end of 2010, in rural areas where children would die without education

The Children's Academy of the Collective Heart, "Beau's School"
In partnership with The Collective Heart, The Unstoppable Foundation, and the Mark Victor Hansen Foundation, we supported community members in Katikamu, Uganda with the resources to construct their first primary school, purchase books, and hire teachers. Most importantly, we are continuing to support them with business and administrative training so the school will be sustainable long after we are gone. Over the next decade, thousands of children will receive the life-altering benefit of education. Our model includes housing for teachers on school grounds, allowing them to remain close by without struggling to travel far distances every day – enabling students to be more successful as a result.

More Schools on the Way … Next Stop: St Joseph Magogo
Also in partnership with the organizations mentioned above, nearly 500 children are now studying in new facilities. When we arrived in Magogo, Uganda, some classrooms were situated in a roofless structure with nothing but rubble for flooring. Other classrooms had no structure at all but took place under the Mango tree. When the rains came, the classrooms were under water for weeks at a time. The parents of this community have worked hand in hand with Just Like My Child Foundation to construct the new buildings in record time.

FIDA & Girls' Mentoring Program
Women’s rights and girl's protection and empowerment are the human rights issues of our time. JLMC is partnering with a consortium of Ugandan women attorneys (FIDA) to provide children’s, women’s and human rights education throughout the communities we serve. These partners counsel girls and women in bringing punity against rape perpetrators and alerting entire communities as to the law and legal rights.

Our mentoring specialists are tackling the submissive behavior exhibited by so many Ugandan girls. This submissiveness prevents them from achieving independence, or ever knowing their true power. Our Ugandan mentorship partners are embarking on workshops and training that stand to literally transform a young girl's vision of her future. This is bringing us that much closer to our goal of empowering children to achieve their true potential.

Dental Clinic
A local dentist with a pediatric practice, Dr. Puja Shah, raised over $10,000 to set up a dental clinic at Bishop Asili and saw hundreds of patients to help them achieve good dental health.

We've launched another component of Project GRACE — a business start-up model that works with HIV+ women who are receiving life-saving treatment. Our model includes an investment in each family that qualifies of one of the following: A pair of poultry/livestock to breed or an agricultural kit with seed. Each family receives business and financial training, PLUS health education to ensure adherence to the medications.

In addition, we are major supporters of bead-making and craft microenterprise programs that are lifting women and children out of dire poverty at Bishop Asili Hospital.

Generator for the Hospital
In 2006, Just Like My Child Foundation provided Bishop Asili with an electricity generator to increase service capacity of the hospital, attracting other NGO investors like the Clinton Foundation, Catholic Relief Services, and Mildmay. We've ensured that through adequate electricity and running water at the hospital, other programs including CD4 testing and anti-retroviral treatments are sustainable.

First Doctor
Through generous donations, Bishop Asili Hospital has been able to hire and sustain its first doctor and surgeon since it opened 11 years ago (where nurses, midwives and nurse practitioners previously had the full burden of care). This has attracted more fee-for-service patients, ensuring the sustainability of the hospital as well as its ability to care for the severely impoverished.

CD4 Analyzer
Obtained CD4 testing equipment in order to begin anti-retroviral testing, which is particularly benefiting at-risk women and children.

Malaria Prevention Education
Mobilization and education of community groups on malaria prevention and treatment, as well as other healthcare and educational needs through the establishment of an extensive network of community leaders.

Distribution of Bed Nets
Obtained and distributed more than 15,000 insecticide-treated bed nets (ITNs) to date, protecting pregnant women and young children from malaria.

HIV/AIDS Pediatric Testing
Provided HIV/AIDS pediatric testing to 8,000 children.

Established ongoing scholarships to primary-age girls to attend private boarding schools in Uganda.

Provided nutritional supplementation for children and pregnant women.

Surigcal Equipment
Acquired surgical equipment, ensuring that emergency surgical obstetrical procedures can be performed at the hospital. This greatly increases the sustainability of the hospital through additional revenue and is saving the lives of thousands of women who might otherwise die in childbirth.

Procured a Mobile Health Unit/ambulance for use in transport and treatment of patients in outlying rural areas of Central Uganda.

Obtained bicycles and scooters so that educators and health care workers can reach deep into the communities with reliable transport.