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Empowering Women & Girls

Just Like My Child Foundation has partnered with a local Ugandan Girls' Leadership Counselor, Nyiraguhabwa Monica, to equip young women and girls with life skills that will empower them for the rest of their lives. Monica teaches each group of girls (usually 80-100 students each) a series of three weekend-long life skills workshops over the course of a year. This enables Monica to monitor the girls' progress and results, and address key issues in each of the girls lives.

We have also partnered with FIDA, a league of women's rights attorneys who are deploying out to the communities we are working with and delivering human rights training and workshops to community members, law makers, and health care workers. In fact, they are training key staff at our partner hospital Bishop Asili Hospital to become paralegals, thereby creating direct linkages from the hospital to the law enforcers, which has an effect throughout the community. Once law enforcers become aware that the community understands their rights, law enforcement increases greatly. 

We are monitoring this program for its impact on domestic violence and rape.

Empowering women and girls is vital.

Living deep in rural areas, girls are often placed in devastating situations where they don't have access to counseling or support, and cannot have a voice in their community, stand up for their rights, or even make their own decisions.

Just Like My Child Foundation's Girl Power Project™ is an empowerment program that provides legal rights training for women and girls, enabling them to learn their rights, avoid peer pressures, gain self-confidence, discover their passions, and speak for themselves through a series of group mentoring sessions with Nyiraguhabwa Monica.

These sessions are teaching young women and girls to be effective decision makers and avoid exploitation and risky situations by identifying individuals who wish to take advantage of them. Girls are equipped with the skills to display their confidence and demand respect to keep themselves safe. A comprehensive session on puberty and menstruation along with private counseling sessions ensure the girls have an opportunity to express any serious issues that might not be addressed at home or brought up in an open, group setting.

Just Like My Child Foundation and Nyiraguhabwa Monica are facilitating workshops throughout the year, deep in rural communities where vulnerable girls would not otherwise have the life-altering opportunity to become empowered for life.

Girls mentoring session at St Joseph Magogo School
Mentoring session for girls at St Joseph Magogo School