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Education and Nutrition

The most essential step in stemming the death toll from HIV/AIDS and malaria is to educate the people in the villages where information from television, Internet, or other media is not available. The education must be brought to them. The Just Like My Child Foundation is building a solution together with the staff at the Bishop Asili Hospital. In response to the tremendous lack of resources in terms of educational and training materials, The Just Like My Child Foundation, riding the momentum of community leaders, is working with the hospital to create a "replicable" education model utilizing technology solutions.


And we are not only focusing on HIV/AIDS education. The Just Like My Child Foundation is also investigating existing educational tools and materials that can be easily (and economically) sourced for community needs in the areas of: hygiene, nutrition, sanitation, malaria education, infant care, and other key topics. Education directly translates to prevention and a more stable environment for our children.