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Photos From Uganda
The Children’s Academy for the Collective Heart is open for transformation! In partnership with The Collective Heart, The Unstoppable Foundation, and the Mark Victor Hansen Foundation, we supported community members in Katikamu, Uganda with the resources to construct their first primary school, purchase books, and hire teachers. Most importantly, we are continuing to support them with business and administrative training so the school will be sustainable long after we are gone. Over the next decade, thousands of children will receive the life-altering benefit of education. Our model includes teacher housing, allowing teachers to remain close to the school without struggling to travel far distances each day. Thus enabling students to be more successful, as a result.
The Generator has been installed at the Bishop Asili Hospital in Luwero, Uganda, turning the lights on for thousands of people. Click the link above to see photos and descriptions of the progress of installation and the detail of receipts and records to document every donor penny spent on this life-saving piece of equipment.
HIV Creates Orphans - the Just Like My Child Foundation is helping - Through negotiations with the Clinton Foundation, The Just Like My Child Foundation has arranged to have a CD-4 Analyzer - an essential piece of laboratory equipment in the treatment of AIDS DONATED by the manufacturer to the hospital. This equipment generally costs $300,000! We sealed the deal on World AIDS Day, after sitting with dozens of HIV infected mothers and fathers who are desperate for this equipment. Much more funding is needed to provide ongoing staff support, infrastructure and education so that the hospital can receive the anti-retroviral drugs it needs to stop children from becoming orphans.
8-Year-Old Nyangoma Recha goes to school - It takes just $1500 per year to send a child to one of the best boarding schools in Uganda. Getting a child out of a village where the HIV rate is over 30% is definitely a life-saving endeavor. The $1500 includes clothing, transportation, room and board and tuition. The Just Like My Child Foundation has established a scholarship program in the village of Kikoiro, Uganda. Click the link above to view the amazing photos and story of our first scholarship presentation.
Malaria must be stopped - The Just Like My Child Foundation is working with UNICEF in Uganda to help procure insecticide-treated bed nets to protect hundreds of thousands of children from contracting this deadly illness contracted from mosquitoes. At $10 each, we need to raise funds to purchase 300,000 nets. View the story by clicking the link above.
Why the hospital urgently needs an ambulance - Lack of an ambulance or mobile health unit costs the Luwero district of Uganda thousands of lives each year. View the photos and story to learn why an ambulance is so critically needed.
Educating the communities can help stop HIV transmission - The most essential step in stemming the death toll from HIV/AIDS is to educate the people in the villages who do not get information from television, internet, or other media. The education must be brought to them. Just Like My Child is building a solution together with the staff at the Bishop Asili Hospital.