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Oprah and JLMC pay tribute to Debbie Ford

As many of you may know, Debbie Ford – beloved author, transformational speaker, and founder of The Collective Heart – passed away Sunday night in the company of her family. After a nearly two decade-long battle with cancer, Debbie was ready for life's next adventure.

Oprah just posted a beautiful tribute to Debbie and in her honor, OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network is airing an encore of Oprah's "Super Soul Sunday" interview with Debbie Ford on Sunday, February 24 at noon ET/PT. Then, tune in at 1 p.m. ET/PT to watch Debbie's past Oprah Show appearances.

Follow the link on Oprah's blog post to watch Vivian Glyck's moving video tribute to Debbie Ford.

Beyond her deep friendship with Vivian, Debbie was a champion for Just Like My Child Foundation's cause. First, by helping to build several schools in rural Uganda – where children who would otherwise not have access to education are now thriving with the opportunity to reach their full potential. Next, Debbie and The Collective Heart took on the Girl Power Project with us: pledging $100,000 to help empower 10,000 at-risk adolescent girls in Uganda. Many of you have seen photos and updates from our first official Camp Girl Power, held in January – none of it would have been possible without Debbie and The Collective Heart's support and passion.

In lieu of flowers, her family has asked that donations go to The Collective Heart to carry on Debbie's legacy of compassion and empowerment, by touching the lives of over 10,000 girls in Uganda through Just Like My Child Foundation's Girl Power Project.

"I have been speechless with gratitude for many years for your constant grace in my life and for the family rituals we shared together. I know I must have been very good in some previous life to have had you as my soul sister. You embodied “tough love” right until the last minute and wouldn’t let me get away with anything but loving myself entirely. I know you are smiling on me, on us, but I MISS you already and will always carry your encouragement and love in my heart. Zak told me today that you were his “God Aunt” and that he was so sad he didn’t get to say goodbye to you. And then we had a beautiful conversation about you as a mother and how we would send Beau love everyday. You cracked my boy’s heart wide open even as you slipped out of your body. I’m sure you will work your magic for many more, and we’ll all just have to be courageous enough to do it with you in spirit, rather than in body. I love you always Debbie Ford."

– Vivian Glyck, Founder & Executive Director, Just Like My Child Foundation