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What Makes Us Different


The Just Like My Child Foundation employs a unique and efficient outreach approach, utilizing a strategy of alliances with existing indigenous organizations and facilities that have a respected and broad reach into large populations. To ensure the most effective and long-lasting change, we work directly with leaders in the community to enhance leadership capacity and motivate citizens towards self-reliance and empowerment that will sustain the community long after we're gone.

The Just Like My Child Foundation subscribes to a philosophy we call deep development, meaning that we focus on one local area, or cluster of villages, at a time and address critical issues simultaneously: disease, poor nutrition, inadequate education, unsafe drinking water, poor infrastructure, and lack of economic development. Our purpose is to empower communities by providing the infrastructure, support, and education that will enable sustainable, community-driven development. We do this by embedding ourselves in the community and fostering alliances with local change agents, creating connections between our donors and the families they impact, and always maintaining low overhead in order to make the greatest impact. Our deep development occurs simultaneously in three areas, providing a holistic solution that encompasses health care, education, and economic development.

We are proud to have embarked on our first and primary healthcare partner relationship on the ground, with the Bishop Caesar Asili Memorial Health Centre in Central Uganda. The hospital serves 48 villages and 600,000 people in the largely-neglected, three-district region of Luwero, Nakaseke, and Nakasongola.